Below are some helpful community related resources.

Just 4 Kids 
Check out our Just 4 Kids pages which are suited for the younger surfers.

Explore with your child, the many resources gathered from around the web, chosen just
for them.

Beginning readers, coloring books, fun & games, magic tricks, are just a few of the
available resources and activities.

Homework Help
We've tried a help the student surfers with lots of resources to assist them with their homework.

Foreign Languages, Language Arts, Geography, Math, Science, and more.....
I hope these resources are helpful.

City of Southfield

Southfield Neighborhood Associations

Southfield Restaurant Directory 

Southfield City Clerk                   (248) 796-5150

Southfield City Council               (248) 796-5150

Southfield Police Department  (248) 796-5500

Southfield Fire Department       (248) 796-5650

Hospital Directory

Guide to City Services

Things to do in Southfield

Resources courtesy of

City of Southfield

P.O. Box 4314
Southfield, Michigan 48037

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