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Although I wasn't born and raised in this fair city, my family has been here long enough to have raised two wonderful sons, put them through the school system and send them both off to college.  We've been blessed to have a daughter and both sons graduate from college, and start out on their own.  I repeat, "start out on their own", which means they are not living with mom and dad. Thank Goodness!  With the economy reeling from yet another banking fiasco,(remember the Savings and Loan disaster from the 90s?), many of our young folks are flocking back to the parents digs til things get better. 

Over the years of living in this wonderful town, I've come to realize how very fortunate we are.  We have, in my opinion, some of the best neighbors to be found anywhere.  We have a racially diverse street, in a racially diverse subdivision, in a racially diverse city, and we all talk to one another.  Better yet, we all listen to one another.  Best of all, we all look out for one another.

If you have a link to one of the numerous neighborhood associations in Southfield or Lathrup Village, drop me a note using the (contact us) link on the left.

Links to Local Neighborhood Associations

Sherwood Village

P.O. Box 4314
Southfield, Michigan 48037


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